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how cpu cooler and thermal paste work together

How CPU Cooler and Thermal Paste Work Together?

Both CPU cooler and thermal paste work together for your computer. People often confuse both of these components and think that you either need a CPU cooler or thermal paste to avoid your system from overheating. This statement is not correct to say. Both CPU coolers and thermal paste work together to prevent the system […]

Nab Cooling’s Best Product to Date – N-B Max Pro|Coming Soon

Nab Cooling’s Guaranteed Best Product to Date – N-B Max Pro Coming Soon

Launched in 2018, Nab Cooling has grown to make itself one of the best companies that sell thermal paste and thermal pads.  With around 12 years of experience working with other thermal paste companies, Nab Cooling’s CEO realized that all other thermal pastes had flaws in them, so let’s create a thermal paste that offers […]

Everything you need to know about thermal pastes

Everything You Need to Know About Thermal Pastes

Exciting news: today, we have compiled a guide on everything you need to know about thermal pastes. Thermal pastes will help your system cool down, preventing overheating and sudden shutdowns.  Your CPU won’t work without thermal paste, so it is essential to learn about it before you step ahead to apply it to your systems. […]

What are the different types of thermal pastes

What are the Different Types of Thermal Pastes?

There are hundreds and hundreds of different types of thermal pastes in the market. Until you are an expert, you won’t see much difference in all of those. Where some pastes label themselves metal-based, others are known as non-metal, carbon, or silicone. What are these thermal pastes, and does it make a difference what paste […]

Thermal Paste Vs. Thermal Pad – Who Wins the Game?

Thermal Paste Vs. Thermal Pad – Which Is The Best?

Thermal paste vs. thermal pad, which one of these do you think is better? You might have seen people comparing both in terms of durability, compatibility, and easiness they feel when applying. Everyone comes up with different opinions about both of them. You need an interface material to cover those small air gas that forms […]

7 Myths About Thermal Paste and Why You Should Forget Them?

7 Common Myths About Thermal Paste To Immediately Forget

If you are new to computers and games, you might have heard these seven myths about thermal paste. These misconceptions have been traveling with gamers and PC enthusiasts for a very long time. Whether it be social media, newsletters, or other PC enthusiasts you have been in contact with, they will all tell you these […]

nabcooling box

Unboxing N-B Max Pro – The Guaranteed Best Thermal Paste

Today we have one of the most interesting topics to discuss; Unboxing N-B Max Pro. Changing the thermal paste of your system may seem a challenging task. Well, it is! You have to gather all of the essentials, make sure the previous paste is entirely off, and the integrated heat spreader is clean as new to […]

What is the Best Way to Apply Thermal Pastes

What is the Best Way to Apply Thermal Pastes?

Are you tired of searching for the best way to apply thermal pastes? Every time we applied the thermal paste on our systems, it was either too little to cover the corners or too much that it would leak out.  People often argue on what is the best method to apply thermal pastes. Some spread […]

NabCooling NB Max Pro Thermal Paste for CPU

What is N-B Max Pro: All You Need to Know

When all thermal pastes go bad, N-B Max Pro comes to the rescue. Choosing the best thermal paste for your CPU or laptop is as challenging as it sounds.  As the market is saturated, you may see hundreds and hundreds of new thermal pastes every day. Believe me, not all of them will perform the […]