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Unboxing N-B Max Pro – The Guaranteed Best Thermal Paste

Today we have one of the most interesting topics to discuss; Unboxing N-B Max Pro.

Changing the thermal paste of your system may seem a challenging task. Well, it is! You have to gather all of the essentials, make sure the previous paste is entirely off, and the integrated heat spreader is clean as new to ensure it won’t disrupt heat dissipation when you apply the new paste. 

Just a little carelessness and BOOM, your system starts overheating. Today we will discuss the dos and don’ts of applying thermal paste. Besides, we will tell you about the surprise Nab Cooling has bought for you, so make sure you stick around. 

What is N-B Max Pro Thermal Paste?

N-B Max Pro is the best thermal paste among all those hundreds of thermal greases you will find in the market. 

With a high thermal conductivity value, consistent density, and electric insulation properties, it is a must-have for all PC and gaming enthusiasts out there. 

Simply apply it on the integrated heat spreader with a spatula or applicator and see how it works wonders and helps your system dissipate heat effectively. 

Read more about N-B Max Pro here

How to Apply Thermal Paste?

Applying thermal interface material accurately is a tricky process, but we have made it easier for you. Follow the guide below:

  1. Remove the heatsink and clean the dust in the vents.
  2. Start cleaning the dried thermal paste on the integrated heat spreader with a microfiber cloth until you can’t get off any more thermal paste chunks. 
  1. Use isopropyl alcohol wipes to clean the thermal paste thoroughly. Clean it until it is shiny as new. 
  1. Now carefully apply the thermal paste with a spatula. Make sure to cover all corners. 
  1. You are all good to go!

You may use other techniques such as the line method, X method, and putting a tiny dot in the middle, which may not work very well. 

We recommend using a spatula or an applicator to spread the thermal paste evenly across the heat spreader. Doing so will help you prevent leaks and completely cover all the corners for better heat dissipation. 

Things You Need to Apply Thermal Paste

You need the following things before applying thermal paste:

  • A tube of thermal paste.
  • Microfiber cloth.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes.
  • A spatula or an applicator to evenly spread the thermal paste. 

We decided to buy these things from amazon, and here is what it cost us:

Item NamePrice on Amazon
Thermal Paste$7.9
Microfiber Cloth$1.5 (for one piece)
Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes$0.125 (for one wipe)
Thermal Paste Spatula$7 (for two pieces)
Total Cost$ 16.525 (delivery charges for each product excluded)

So, all of these things cost us around $16.525 plus the delivery charges. We decided to compare it to a pack of N-B Max Pro, which costs $8.99 plus free delivery all over the US. Let’s move ahead to unbox N-B Max Pro

Unboxing N-B Max Pro: SURPRISE!!! 

We decided unboxing N-B Max Pro and guess what? N-B max Pro Package Nab Cooling is giving away a microfiber cloth, isopropyl alcohol wipe, a spatula, and an applicator absolutely free with every pack of N-B Max Pro! Yes, you read that right: absolutely free of cost. 

Sign up for free kit here.

We aim to provide our customers with the best at a minimal price. With 12 years of working experience with different companies all over the US, we have gained ample knowledge of thermal pastes and the things necessary for their application. 

Using this experience, knowledge, and observing the trust our customers put in us, we decided to give away a microfiber cloth, an alcohol pad, a spatula, and an applicator free with every N-B Max Pro pack. 

This won’t only save you money but time and energy too, which you would have otherwise put into finding all these essentials online or in stores. 

Read more about us here

Are Alternative Products a Good Idea? 

We have seen people using whatever they find at home to remove the previous paste and apply a new one. We believe that it is not something you should do.

Why Should You Use a Microfiber Cloth?

People use paper towels, tissues, cotton cloth, scraper, and what not to remove the dried thermal paste. Here is why you shouldn’t use anything except microfiber cloth. 

Paper towels leave lint. You may not see with the naked eye, but it leaves its fibers onto the surface where you have used a paper towel. These fibers act as an insulator stopping thermal compounds from doing their job. 

A tissue is worse than a paper towel when it comes to shredding and leaving behind fibers. These fibers then inhibit heat transfer within surfaces. On the other hand, cotton cloth works terribly at taking off the dried paste and will create a mess everywhere. 

Scraping the paste isn’t a good option either because the integrated heat spreader’s surface is delicate and can get scratched easily. These scratches won’t allow efficient heat transfer. When you use a scraper, the chance of scratching the surface is more. 

Microfiber cloth is safe for the environment, won’t shred into pieces, does not have harmful chemicals, and will clean most germs on the surface. Unlike other options, it won’t cause a mess too. 

Why Should You Use Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe?

Most people use rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, and even drinking alcohol to get rid of the remaining paste on the heat spreader. 

Drinking alcohol is the worst thing to use. This is because it has added sugars, other contaminants, and water that may damage your system. 

For the rubbing alcohol option, its main content is water which may cause rusting within the system if not properly dried. As its concentration is less, it will take more time to obliterate the dried thermal paste. 

Besides, it may not work as well as isopropyl, and if rubbing alcohol gets into the socket, it may cause a short circuit within the CPU. ‘

The nail polish remover is way too aggressive to apply on the heat spreader. Also, if it runs down the socket, it may cause problems like short circuits. 

The best you can do is use an isopropyl alcohol wipe. These wipes dry out quickly, have anti-static properties and come in a sealed pack that prevents them from drying. 

You will not have to worry about putting in the right amount of alcohol as they come pre-moistened. 

Why Should You Use a Spatula or an Applicator?

We tested the line method, X method, tiny dot in the middle, and spreading with the spatula method to apply thermal pastes on the integrated heat spreader. 

No method spreads thermal pastes at all sides and corners except if you apply it with an applicator or a spatula. If the IHS isn’t accurately covered, it won’t dissipate heat properly. 

Besides, if you choose to apply with a spatula or an applicator, there will be no waste or leakage of thermal grease, and your system will run super-smooth. 

Conclusion – Unboxing N-B Max Pro

Here is all about unboxing N-B Max Pro. Nab Cooling has always stayed one step ahead of all other thermal paste companies. We understand the needs of our customers thus work hard to provide them as much as we can.

If you are looking forward to changing your system’s thermal paste, wait no more and order our best product to date – N-B Max Pro. 

Good news: if you order it from our store, you will get free delivery all over the US and 30 days money-back guarantee too, along with these add-ons of the package. 

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