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NabCooling NB Max Pro Thermal Paste for CPU

What is N-B Max Pro: All You Need to Know

When all thermal pastes go bad, N-B Max Pro comes to the rescue. Choosing the best thermal paste for your CPU or laptop is as challenging as it sounds. 

As the market is saturated, you may see hundreds and hundreds of new thermal pastes every day. Believe me, not all of them will perform the same.

I have researched thermal pastes, their characteristics, application process and selected the best thermal paste worth your money. 

Let’s Go!

What is Thermal Paste?

Thermal paste, also known as ‘thermal grease’ or ‘thermal compound,’ is a semi-solid paste to promote thermal conduction between two metal parts. 

It is an inexpensive solution that transfers heat from the CPU to the heatsink and then to hardware. In turn, it prevents them from overheating, helps run systems smoothly, and improves their overall performance. 

How Does Thermal Paste Work?

In general, thermal paste works as a cooling agent but below is a detailed note on how it happens. 

It all starts with uneven surfaces of the computer parts. When seen with a naked eye, computer parts’ surfaces may seem even, but it has microscopic channels that act as air gaps in reality. 

We all know that air is a bad heat conductor, reducing the thermal management system’s heat conductivity. Here is when thermal paste comes into effect. 

Apply a thin layer of heat conductive thermal paste onto the surfaces to efficiently transfer heat to the hardware keeping the overall system cool. 

What to Consider When Buying a Thermal Paste?

Thermal pastes are applied to the coolers while manufacturing, but unfortunately, they are old and outdated. To make CPU performance better, people often buy and use thermal paste themselves.

Buying an ineffective thermal paste won’t only waste your money but time and energy too. Below are a few factors to consider before you buy one:

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conduction plays a crucial role in the whole process. A thermal paste should provide enough thermal conductivity and be reliable enough to efficiently diffuse heat from computer parts. 

Recommended Thermal Conductivity Value:

  • Metallic paste: 70W/mK 
  • Non-metallic paste: 4W/mK – 10W/mK

Electrical Conductivity

The less electrical conductive a thermal paste is, the better. If a thermal paste is electrically conductive, the chances of short circuits are higher. 

Metallic thermal pastes are electrically conductive and can result in short circuits and damages. It is a good idea to use carbon-based pastes to avoid risks. 


Viscosity refers to the thickness of a product. A thermal paste should be vicious and dense enough to evenly spread through the CPU components without leaking. 

Liquid thermal pastes won’t work in this scenario as they may leak to other places causing harm to your CPU when used too much. On the other hand, a thicker paste will be easier to spread and stick to the components easily. 

Thermal Design Power 

Thermal design power is the maximum amount of heat generated by a computer—the more the value of TDP, the higher the computer processors’ power, and the more heat it produces.

When selecting a thermal paste, make sure it is cool and effective enough to overcome the computer’s high amount of heat.

The Best Thermal Paste: N-B Max Pro

Despite considering all the factors above, you may not find a suitable thermal paste due to its saturated market, so I have made your research more accessible. 

Presenting you N-B Max Pro that not only promotes heat conductivity but is also electrically insulative and thick enough to evenly spread on computer components. 

Below are some of the N-B Max Pro characteristics that make it stand ahead of all other thermal pastes. 

Created for Extreme Uses

It has the best heat conductivity from your CPU to the VGA card. With anti-oxidation and non-corrosive properties, it manages to cool down your computer system completely. 

Max Thermal Conductivity

With exceptional heat dissipation quality, N-B Max Pro allows excellent temperature reduction in heated and overheated CPUs. It has a thermal conductivity value of 8.5W/mK. Also, it is not electrically conductive, preventing short circuits – a win-win situation. 

Easy and Safe Application

Non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-irritant to human skin  – N-B Max Pro in a nutshell. Along with its outstanding heat dissipating qualities, this thermal paste is safe for both people and the environment. 

Wide Range of Operating Temperature

N-B Max Pro maintains a stable performance between -45℃ to +180℃, making it compatible with many systems. 

Customer Satisfaction

Despite 12 years of experience, Nab Cooling still notes down every concern of its customers, making N-B Max Pro thermal paste better every time. 

How to Apply N-B Max Pro

Below are the steps that will help you apply N-B Max Pro thermal paste on your CPU:

  1. Make sure the CPU is clean. If it has any previous thermal paste on it, remove it with isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel or microfiber cloth. 
  2. Let it dry.
  3. Make sure the rest of the CPU cooler is ready to install. 
  4. Put thermal paste onto the center of the integrated heat spreader. The amount of paste should be roughly the size of a pea. Make sure it is sufficient enough to cover the whole area. Also, don’t put too much thermal paste as it may leak to other parts. 
  5. Install the CPU cooler. 
  6. Use a light, top-down pressure to place the cooler’s base plate or water block onto the CPU. 
  7. Hold the pressure and provide enough force to evenly distribute the thermal paste. Make sure not to push hard enough; else, it will damage the CPU. 
  8. Attach motherboard in a diagonal pattern and secure the screws

Manually applying the thermal paste may form air-bubbles in the paste, which is not suitable for the system. Make sure you strictly follow the guide above. 

Final Words

Choosing an efficient thermal paste is no more a challenge because you have got N-B Max Pro. It may not look like it at first, but thermal paste plays a crucial part in system management and cooling. 

You don’t have to worry anymore about your CPU overheating. N-B Max Pro is an excellent thermal paste with maximum heat conductivity. It is created for extreme uses, is safe and easy to apply, and performs in a wide range of operating temperatures. 

Besides, it is not electrically conductive and dense enough to evenly spread through the system’s components, promising extraordinary performance. 

Surprise: You get free delivery all over the US and easy 30 days return too!

This offer is applicable if you buy N-B Max Pro from our store. .

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