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Nab Cooling’s N-B Max Pro Vs. ARCTIC’s MX-4

Nab Cooling’s N-B Max Pro Vs ARCTIC’s MX-4 – Which One is Better?

Good news: today, we will present you a comparison of two of the most famous thermal pastes in the market; N-B Max Pro Vs MX-4. I know, I understand; I was excited as you are now to test both of these pastes.  Thermal pastes are an essential component of our computer, and choosing the suitable […]

What are the different types of thermal pastes

What are the Different Types of Thermal Pastes?

There are hundreds and hundreds of different types of thermal pastes in the market. Until you are an expert, you won’t see much difference in all of those. Where some pastes label themselves metal-based, others are known as non-metal, carbon, or silicone. What are these thermal pastes, and does it make a difference what paste […]