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5 Tested Best CPU Air Coolers To Buy In 2021

5 Tested Best CPU Air Coolers To Buy In 2021

Choosing the best CPU air cooler for your PC is challenging as there are hundreds of CPU cooler models out there in the market. There are two types of CPU coolers; CPU air cooler and CPU liquid cooler. Liquid coolers are comparatively expensive but work better than air coolers.  Buying a good CPU air cooler […]

How to Fix Overheating CPU: All You Should Know

How to Fix Overheating CPU: All You Should Know

Are you wondering how to fix overheating CPU? Overheating can be really dangerous for your system as it causes frequent restarting and shutdowns, data loss, or permanent damage.  Computer parts when working cause heat. The heavier the applications, the more the heat, but if your CPU is overheating without any reason, you need to get […]

10 Amazing Gifts for PC Experts Under $30

10 Amazing Gifts for PC Experts Under $30

Are you looking for affordable but extraordinary gifts for PC experts? Let me tell you, you have come to the right place.  The holiday season brings gifts for everyone, even the PC experts. If you have a PC geek in your circle, you want to buy a gift for, you should read this article till […]

Nab Cooling’s Best Product to Date – N-B Max Pro|Coming Soon

Nab Cooling’s Guaranteed Best Product to Date – N-B Max Pro Coming Soon

Launched in 2018, Nab Cooling has grown to make itself one of the best companies that sell thermal paste and thermal pads.  With around 12 years of experience working with other thermal paste companies, Nab Cooling’s CEO realized that all other thermal pastes had flaws in them, so let’s create a thermal paste that offers […]

Thermal Paste Vs. Thermal Pad – Who Wins the Game?

Thermal Paste Vs. Thermal Pad – Which Is The Best?

Thermal paste vs. thermal pad, which one of these do you think is better? You might have seen people comparing both in terms of durability, compatibility, and easiness they feel when applying. Everyone comes up with different opinions about both of them. You need an interface material to cover those small air gas that forms […]

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Unboxing N-B Max Pro – The Guaranteed Best Thermal Paste

Today we have one of the most interesting topics to discuss; Unboxing N-B Max Pro. Changing the thermal paste of your system may seem a challenging task. Well, it is! You have to gather all of the essentials, make sure the previous paste is entirely off, and the integrated heat spreader is clean as new to […]