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10 Amazing Gifts for PC Experts Under $30

10 Amazing Gifts for PC Experts Under $30

Are you looking for affordable but extraordinary gifts for PC experts? Let me tell you, you have come to the right place. 

The holiday season brings gifts for everyone, even the PC experts. If you have a PC geek in your circle, you want to buy a gift for, you should read this article till the end.

Forget all expensive electronic gadgets that would cost you hundreds of dollars. Instead, we have made your research more accessible by bringing you a list of budget-friendly and best gifts for PC experts you should put on the top of your recommendation list. 

Let’s move forward with what you should buy. 

Best Gifts for PC Experts in 2021

Finding affordable yet fantastic gifts can be challenging, but we have eased your issue. Stick around till the end to get information about some tremendous budget-friendly gifts for PC experts. 

Nab Cooling’s N-B Max Pro Thermal Paste 

One of the best gifts for PC experts under $30 can be a good thermal paste. People often overlook how vital a thermal paste is for a PC, but a computer expert knows its true value. 

Heavy load applications and gaming may cause a computer system to heat, and prolonged overheating periods can damage a CPU and result in frequent shutdowns. CPU overheating is no longer an issue with N-B Max Pro, the best thermal paste in the market. 

Manufactured under expert supervision, this silicon-based thermal paste promises extreme thermal conductivity that won’t let your PC heat up even during long gaming sessions or while streaming high-resolution heavy videos. 

N-B Max Pro’s electrical insulative property ensures that it won’t cause any damage if leaked. It has a consistent density that allows you to spread it on the CPU correctly. 

Additionally, it comes with four gifts in its package; an applicator, a spatula, an alcohol pad and a microfiber cloth, making it the best gift for your computer geek. 

Price: $8.99 

Buy from Nab Cooling Store. (free delivery all over the US if you buy it from the store)

Buy from Amazon

Apex Wireless Vertical Mouse 

Apex wireless vertical mouse is a must-buy for PC experts that are on their PCs almost all day. Long periods of using a traditional mouse can result in wrist pains and clinched and uncomfortable finger positions. 

Apex wireless vertical mouse will help keep your wrist and forearm in a neutral position and avoid pronation. It comes for both right and left-handers. Designed ergonomically, this vertical mouse provides a natural handshake position, reduces muscle stress and pain

Additionally, it delivers precise optical tracking that makes it work virtually on any surface. Along with optimal size, little weight, and anti-slide coating, Apex wireless vertical mouse also has next and previous navigation buttons attached, making it the best mouse for your daily use.

Also, Apex vertical mouse can work with almost all operating systems, promising utmost convenience. 

Price: $20.0

Buy from Gelid Store.

Buy from Amazon.

ErGear Dual Monitor Stand Mount 

If you are wondering what to buy a gamer who has everything? Well, we have got you an answer. ErGear’s monitor stands mount is a must-have for all PC gamers out there who want long gaming sessions in comfort. 

Uneasy angles while sitting on the computer can result in back, neck, and shoulder strain. These awkward angles and muscle stretches are no more an issue with the ErGear’s monitor stand mount. 

ErGear’s monitor stand mount has broad compatibility; this means that you can mount any company’s monitor screen of weight up to 8kgs on it. 

Alongside, this exquisitely designed monitor arm has a gas hovering system that allows it to move smoothly, adjust to any height you want and set the angle you desire. Doing so will reduce your muscle strain and increase your productivity at work. 

ErGear’s monitor stands mount also lets you make additional desk space by cleaning the cable mess with its easy-cabling feature. It has two USB hubs, making it the most convenient monitor arm and the best gift for PC experts under $30. 

Manufactured with steel, it guarantees no deforming, breaking, bending or rusting. Gaming and streaming are now easier than ever before, only with this reliable dual monitor arm. 

Buy from Amazon.

OneOdio Xbox Gaming Headset

This is the best gift for a computer gamer who loves music and lengthy gaming sessions. OneOdio’s Xbox Gaming Headset promises a balanced sound with its 90° swivelling ear cups. 

You can also fold these for easy carrying on the go and easy storage. This gaming headset will prove to be the best holiday gift for PC experts due to its broad compatibility, low price, and 50mm driver diaphragm. 

A distinctive feature of this wired headphone is that it offers maximum comfort to the user. Even during the long gaming periods, these breathable headphones won’t bother the PC expert.

OneOdio has given this headset black matte plastic and glossy finish trims, making this headset super trendy for daily uses and on the go. 

Stylish, durable and budget-friendly – this is an Onedio Xbox gaming headset in a nutshell. Don’t wait, buy it now! 

Buy from Amazon

VIMC Bluetooth Speaker

Every gamer longs for a quality sound system, and what’s better than a portable speaker with sparkling lights all over it. You can never enjoy the exceptional gaming experience without an excellent speaker with all sorts of traits that should be on the same device. 

The speaker comes with Bluetooth and auxiliary technology, so connectivity isn’t an issue anymore. It can run for a long time without the dilemma of charging it again and again due to its extraordinary battery time extending up to 10 hours at least. 

If you have a party at your place, you will not need a heavy sound system because the VIMC Bluetooth Speaker has an excellent Hi-Res audio performance that can fill up even the most crowded rooms with your favourite music. 

So it is inevitably a pleasant holiday gift for PC experts and your party friends, plus it is affordable – a bonus point. 

Buy from Amazon

Cimetech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Do you have a gamer friend and want to give him an affordable and fantastic gift? We have the perfect gift for PC experts under $30, and we are sure that they will love it. 

Cimetech brings you the best compact wireless keyboard and mouse available in the market right now. Built with no noise-making mechanical keys, its ultra-sleek design is aesthetically pleasing.

It is available in various colours, ranging from cyan to simple black, giving its buyers the choice of choosing the set according to their favourite colour. It supports all smart devices from smart TVs to tablets with just the help of a USB dongle

Besides, it’s battery-operated; one can make it last for months without the need of changing batteries now and then. Don’t judge by the small size of the keyboard as the company made it that way to occupy less space, so it doesn’t look bulky or awkwardly placed. 

Buy from Amazon

UnaMela’s Professional Computer Tool Kit

When it comes to operating a desktop, one can run into a million dilemmas every day. So we must be prepared for any ambiguous situation. Good news: we have brought your PC gamer friend an all-in-one tool kit containing 80 different types of gadgets for every possible issue. 

We all have a friend whose PC malfunctions daily; well, this handy tool kit can be a gift for those PC experts. The toolkit contains a screwdriver set and the most professional 56 replaceable magnetic batch heads and other valuable tools. 

The company made the tools with heavy-duty materials like alloy to last a lifetime if used properly. The advantages of this toolkit are never-ending; they help repair not only computers but other electrical devices too because of their flexible multifunctional, designed shapes. 

The tools also come in handy when we are doing 3D work. Besides, the tool kit comes with an antistatic wristband that protects the device that you are repairing, making the struggle more secure and effortless.  

Buy from Amazon

Republic of PC Builder’s PC Builder T-Shirt

If you are looking for a trendy and affordable gift for PC geek, we recommend you giving this unisex PC builder T-shirt to them. Made with 100% cotton, this shirt promises durability even after several washes. 

This T-shirt is definitely for everyone who literally loves CPU motherboard, graphic cards, and computer cases. Gift it to all computer geeks, technicians, hardware technicians, PC gamers and CPU builders around you.

It has a breathable, double-needle sleeve and promises a classic fit and trendy look. Wait no more and buy this super-affordable gift for PC enthusiasts now.

Buy from Amazon

Enigmatic Computer Cleaning Kit 

Are you looking for a super-cool gift for PC geeks under $30? Let me tell you, this computer cleaning kit is the best considerable option. 

Created by PC enthusiasts for PC enthusiasts. This kit will help your computer enthusiast friend to clean their electronics, organise loose cables and make their systems as new as they were on day one. 

One package includes a microfiber cloth, three different sized computer cleaning brushes, one static-free air bulb, camera lenses, keyboard keys, 100 pieces of 6-inch zip ties and an on-screen cleaning cloth glass screen. 

We have heard that deep cleaning is therapeutic, and we can’t agree more. Let your friends enjoy these therapy sessions too. Give them this computer cleaning kit and help them deeply clean the motherboard, heatsinks, and fans. 

Buy on Amazon.

Maono’s USB Microphone

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a PC gamer under $30, this microphone is the best choice. You can use it for recording, podcasting, zoom meeting, voice-overs, youtube videos, gaming and streaming. 

Along with increasing volume without distortion, Maono’s USB microphone is easy to adjust, avoids popping and is super-light. You can carry and fix it anywhere you want to. 

Additionally, you can easily adjust its angle with a 180° flexible design. Another good news is that for just $20, you get a microphone, a foldable tripod stand to adjust it, a foam windscreen, a USB cable, a manual and most of all, a 12-month warranty. 

It is compatible with both Windows and Max. It identifies both of these systems quickly, so a PC enthusiast can immediately enjoy gaming or streaming sessions. 

Buy from Amazon.

Final Words

Buying the best gifts for computer experts is no more an issue. We have shown you four of our best-budget recommendations for PC experts and gamers. Any of these will be a perfect gift for holidays, new-year, birthdays or any other festival.

We like N-B Max Pro the most as it comes with a free thermal paste removing and applicating kit, and Nab Cooling is offering free delivery all over the US. 

P.S: Nab Cooling will be giving a 50% discount to its first 50 customers who will use coupon code welcome50 while ordering N-B Max Pro. 

Buy N-B Max Pro now!

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