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7 Reasons Why Silicone Thermal Pad Is The Best

7 Reasons Why Silicone Thermal Pad Is The Best

Wondering if you should buy paraffin wax, acrylic, or silicone thermal pad? Choosing an excellent thermal pad material can be challenging because every computer system has different demands. 

You need a thermal interface material that is safe, non-toxic, non-curing, and provides maximum thermal conductivity. The solution to all these demands is a silicone thermal pad. 

Here are seven reasons why a silicone thermal pad is the best option for all computer systems. 

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Extreme Thermal Conductivity

Silicone thermal pads ensure extreme thermal dissipation. It can provide a thermal conductivity value of up to 15W, which is ideal for heavy applications and gaming. Other thermal pads have comparatively lower heat conductivity. Hence, it may not work well with heavier applications. 

Electrically Insulative

As silicone is an electrically insulative material, the thermal pads are electrically insulative and won’t cause short circuits within the CPU. 

Wide Operating Temperature Range

One of the best qualities of a silicone thermal pad is its wide operating temperature range. Typically, a silicone thermal pad works well from -50℃ to +200℃. It won’t melt or leak within this temperature range. 

Wide Range of Applications

You can apply silicone thermal pads to various applications, including MOSFETs, analog ICs, micro-controller units, heatsinks, LEDs, laptops, DVDs, high-temperature SMD components, chipsets, large PCB surfaces, GPU cards, motherboards, add-on cards, and other densely packed electronic devices. 

Easily Compressed

Unlike other thermal pads, silicone thermal pads are soft, easy to assemble, comfortable, and compress easily to fit into air gaps under high temperatures. We advise you to buy a silicone thermal pad slightly thicker than the gap you need to fill because it will soften and compress.

Easy to Cut

Silicone thermal pads are super easy to cut according to the size of the surface. This means you can mount its accessibility on literally any surface – a plus!

Safe To Use

Do you know that silicone thermal pads are non-toxic, non-corrosive, odorless, non-curing, fire-retardant, anti-static, and eco-friendly?
We believe nothing is better than a combination of extreme thermal conductivity and safe handling. Hence, silicon thermal interface pads are ideal to use.

NB Supermax Silicone Thermal Pad

Numerous companies sell silicone thermal pads. To help our customers avoid buying a low-quality interface pad, we have researched and brought you the best silicone thermal interface pad.

Nab Cooling’s NB Supermax is an all-rounder when it comes to thermal interface pads. With a thermal conductivity value of 15W, it helps a system run cool even while loading heavy applications and games. 

Additionally, it is electrically insulative, anti-static, non-toxic, non-curing, fire retardant, and eco-friendly. NB Supermax works excellent within a temperature range of -60 to +180. It won’t melt or leak to the surroundings. 

Along with being easy to cut, it is easy to compress and compatible with many applications. It has a shelf-life of 8 years and an in-use lifetime of 5 years. 

NB Supermax comes in 6 thicknesses – 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm – which makes it suitable for different sized gaps. Also, it has dimensions of 90mm x 50mm. This is an ideal size that fits most surfaces. 

Conclusion – Silicone Thermal Pads

Silicone thermal pads no doubt have numerous benefits. However, you need to make sure that you don’t buy a bad-quality pad. NB Supermax is the best choice for silicone thermal paste so wait no more and buy now!

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